Stop Asian Hate: Nancy

“I recently joined a walking group, and we walk around the River Valley to take in the fresh air and meet new people. One of the walkers, I’ll name him David, wanted his picture taken, so he had asked another walker to take his picture. He was having a hard time getting a good picture of David. And then, all of a sudden, David said that the phone is a crappy Chinese phone. 

I asked: What did you say, David?

David: It’s a crappy Chinese thing. The Chinese make crappy stuff.

I said: I’m going to make this awkward. You can’t be saying that. You’re targeting and attacking a group of people.

David: Fine. It’s a crappy Quebec thing, and chuckles. 

I said: You don’t get it. You’re still targeting someone, and it’s not funny at all.

I made sure everyone could hear what happened. Only one person came up to me to tell me I did the right thing. I asked him why he didn’t say anything or supported me, or backed me up. And he couldn’t answer.

This is not just my problem; it’s everyone’s problem. Why should I carry this burden by myself? If no one speaks up, this will go on for another 500 years.

我参加的散步团组中有个人因手机没法拍出他想要的照片而指责手机是劣质中国产品。当我上前告诉他这样的言语是带歧视性质的,他无法理解却打闹着改口说那就是劣质魁北克产品。即便我让大家都听到了我们的对话,仅一个人赞同我的做法,但他也没有和我同一阵线及时指责那个人。这样的歧视是所有人的问题,如若没有人站出来发声指责,那这个现象将继续传播和恶化。” — Nancy

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