Meet Yvonne

When I was 21, I started to read the Tao Te Ching and everything that could help me understand my cultural roots. Since then I’ve discovered how much I loveContinue reading “Meet Yvonne”

Meet Brian

“I was working in a dim sum restaurant as a waiter because I struggled to find a full-time job after graduating from interior design. The boss of Fairchild Media cameContinue reading “Meet Brian”

Meet Amy

(1/2) “There’s the saying that Generation X was the slacker generation, but I wouldn’t say that’s the complete picture. We were this bridging generation, this transition between Boomers and earlyContinue reading “Meet Amy”

Stop Asian Hate: Amanda

[alt text]: #StopAsianHate Support local Asian businesses. Kasoku Ramen, Padmanadi, Yelo’d & Sosyal Scoops, Splash Poke, Chocorrant, Kobachi & more!

Meet Amanda

My dad is Vietnamese, and my mom is Cantonese. They both immigrated from Vietnam to escape the war. I think that refugee part of our family’s past really contributes toContinue reading “Meet Amanda”

Meet Alyx

“If I could give advice to my younger self, it would be that your views of identity, gender and sexuality will change. It will be scary, but you will find aContinue reading “Meet Alyx”

Wei Yew with his design of the Lieutenant Governor of Alberta Arts Award Medal

Meet Wei

I have been doing graphic design for 40 years. I am always interested in solving problems, looking at things and saying, “Couldn’t you do it another way?” I think itContinue reading “Meet Wei”

Meet Kevin

“My parents were farmers. They grew up in rural areas of 15-20 people, and they looked after each other. I think some of that kind of transpired here where I’veContinue reading “Meet Kevin”

Meet Derek

“It’s cool that we, in a healthy way, are able to revisit, understand and reflect on our experiences as Chinese Canadians, especially since so many of us are now secondContinue reading “Meet Derek”

Meet Bill

“I only went to Chinese school until Grade 6 at the Chinese United Church which was mainly in the summer. I went to an inner city school, and there wereContinue reading “Meet Bill”

Meet Jeraldine

“My family is Chinese, Malaysian and British. Growing up, my parents were very proud that we were all those things. When you’re a kid, it’s really hard to understand howContinue reading “Meet Jeraldine”

Meet June

“My relationship to my identity has definitely shifted over the years, transitioning from a partial rejection of it to a rediscovery and embracing.  I went on a graduation trip afterContinue reading “Meet June”

Meet Timothy

“I was born and raised in Lethbridge, Alberta. So there was an even smaller Chinese community. I think there’s sort of two sets of very different cultural values. You haveContinue reading “Meet Timothy”

Meet Lorraine

“I would say Chinese Canadian itself is a culture. I not only practice Chinese traditions but also celebrate Canadian culture. When I first moved to Canada from Hong Kong, IContinue reading “Meet Lorraine”

Meet Gene

“Growing up, I attended the Chinese bilingual schools in Edmonton. One memory from being in the bilingual program was learning Chinese pop songs in class. Outside of Chinese class, IContinue reading “Meet Gene”

Meet Rebecca

“My relationship with my cultural identity has not been linear. When I was in elementary school I never questioned why the way things were. I would do whatever my parentsContinue reading “Meet Rebecca”

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