Meet Naomi

“A big part of the community is for people to get to know the history of the first Chinese people in Edmonton, there’s a lot of history to it that’s been lost. My great grandpa helped to build the railway over in BC, which has impacted my family history. I feel like a lot ofContinue reading “Meet Naomi”

Meet Amanda

My dad is Vietnamese, and my mom is Cantonese. They both immigrated from Vietnam to escape the war. I think that refugee part of our family’s past really contributes to the attitude where we’re just happy with whatever we have here as long as we can feed ourselves and have a roof over our head.Continue reading “Meet Amanda”

Meet Alyx

“If I could give advice to my younger self, it would be that your views of identity, gender and sexuality will change. It will be scary, but you will find a community that loves you.   Growing up, I was really determined to be that nerdy person who excelled, and I attached a lot of my self-worth toContinue reading “Meet Alyx”