Meet Yvonne

When I was 21, I started to read the Tao Te Ching and everything that could help me understand my cultural roots. Since then I’ve discovered how much I love the cultural wealth and the cultural capital of the Chinese traditions.

I truly love the Tao teaching, because it is a book of wisdom on how to learn from nature and be a servant leader – a truly caring, human being wishing to catalyze positive change in companionship with others. I use a lot of what I learned in my relationships with all of my beloved friends and colleagues from different cultures.

“At one of our regular monthly meetings with my Mulitucultural Health Broker colleagues from Mexico, the Philippines and Congo.”

The thousands of years of our Chinese culture has built into the quality of steadiness, holding calm and holding spaciousness in our heart and in our mind. We’re more able to listen, to observe, and then at the key moment, speak with clarity and grace.

I was privileged to meet the women who created the Multicultural Health Broker Co-operative from six different ethnocultural groups. My job is to support them in their collective vision and efforts, so being a bit introverted, applying my facilitation skills, and definitely using what I most love in the Tao Te Ching teaching, I was able to advance the beauty of their work and help it grow.

We all bring up a bit of pride in our cultural capital, our lineage, and our ancient wisdom because this is the treasure we’re bringing to Canada. This is the very beauty that we are supposed to be practicing and joyfully sharing with each other so that eventually, one day, we won’t have this dominant/ subdominant culture, but instead, we become an equalized, truly intercultural nation.

In a pluralistic society, we need many, many of us who will be stepping up courageously, lovingly into the middle space, because there are so many people who don’t know each other. If we happen to understand two or more entities, the way they think, the way they see life, the way they communicate, we must step up. That is both our birthright and our obligation and privilege.

So be good cultural brokers. Be proud of your cultural wealth and cultural capital. Integrate it into everyday life to nourish our human spirits, and share boldly with others who can in return, share their cultural wealth. When we begin to learn from each other’s stories and cultural capital, we can be transformed and become better human beings.

“Photo taken with my Sound Sudanese, Eritrean, Chinese, Chilean, Romanian, Filipino, Vietnamese and 2 MLA’s (Minister of Health – Sarah Hoffman and MLA Estefania Cortes-Vagas, 2018)”


我有幸在六个不同民族的文化小组中遇到了Multicultural Health Broker Co-operative的创始人。加入了他们的团队后,我的职责是推动他们实现建立多元文化健康社区的目标。通过活用我从《道德经》中学习到的知识,有点内向的我,能帮助进一步发展他们的工作。



“All of my colleagues at MCHB at our annual celebration from over 25 different ethnocultural communities. (I am the one kneeling in the center with a brown jacket)”

要成为优秀的文化中间人 (cultural brokers),需要对自身的文化财产资本感到自豪,勇于与他人分享自身的文化。将之融入到日常生活中,同时感染别人,同时也分享別人的文化财富,滋养人类的精神文明。学会了解他人的故事和文化可使我们蜕变成更优秀的人。—Yvonne

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