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“I was working in a dim sum restaurant as a waiter because I struggled to find a full-time job after graduating from interior design. The boss of Fairchild Media came to the restaurant one day and after several interactions, she asked, ‘What are your career goals? What’s your dream?’ I responded with: ‘I’m not sure yet.’

She told me they had an opening and asked if I wanted to talk on the radio. I said ‘I don’t know, but I want to try’. It was a job that could be a career. And that’s how I got in—my first gig as a sportscaster. I did five-minute sports updates on a daily basis. I reported the news, translated them into Chinese, then spoke them out in Cantonese. As a rookie, a three-minute production then would take me quite some time to finish. Nobody really tells you what to do and how to do it, you just have to find your own way.

Brian with Jason Ribeiro of Calgary Economic Development.

In 2004, I had a mini segment of two and a half minutes called ‘Personal Best’. I interviewed local Olympians and Para-olympians, and asked them about their lifestyle and how they overcame struggles. I learned a lot and got a lot of positive energy from them. I wanted to stick with this industry. I felt that I could establish my name and my network here and I felt that I belonged.

The proudest moment of my career was my involvement with the Flames in 2018 when they traveled to China. I was told my Flames Chinese TV segment would help them promote the trip.

Flames TV in Beijing, 2018
Brian and his colleague at the Great Wall of China, 2018

One of the most memorable moments was being with the team in Shenzhen and Beijing. After the first game in Shenzhen, there was a typhoon coming and the airport was going to shut down at midnight. It took us 45 minutes to rush to the airport from the stadium. And we were able to catch the last flight before they locked down the airport. When we got to Beijing, some of the equipment was still on the way by ground so we had an opportunity to do some sight-seeing nearby.” 

Promotion of Year of the Panda (Dog) on Breakfast Television.

在我完成室内设计课程后,很难找到一份全职工作,我便在一家餐厅當服务员。有一天,新时代电视的高管来我工作的餐厅用餐,闲聊后她问我:“你的目标是什么? 你的梦想是什么?”那时候的我并不知道。她告诉我公司有一个空缺,问我是否愿意在电台做播音工作。當時我不清楚自己是否能胜任,但我还是想试一试, 我觉得这是一个珍贵的工作经验。这就是我投身这行业的经过。后来我成为了一个体育旁述员,每天报导五分钟的体育新闻,把新闻翻译成中文再用粤语引述。 短短三分钟的节目,就要用五个小时才能完成。 那时候没有人会教你该怎么去制作节目,全都是靠自己探索去完成的。

2004 年,我制作了一个两分半钟的节目,叫做“个人最佳”。 我采访了当地的奥运选手和残奥会选手,了解他们的生活以及如何克服挑战。自己从中获益不浅,也收获了很多正能量。 我希望能继续在这个行业里建立我的名声和关系网,因为我在这个行业中找到了归属感。

我职业生涯中最自豪的时刻是在 2018 年随行卡加利火焰队(Calgary Flames)前往中国比赛。  Flames中文电视希望我能帮助他们宣传这次行程。 最难忘的是与球队在深圳和北京的时刻。 深圳首场比赛后,台风导致航班停飞。 到了北京后我们因设备还没安置好而获得了一天的自由活动。我带大家去参观天安门广场和长城,并确保了每个人的安全。   —Brian 

On set filming for the Calgary Public Library.

Photos provided by Brian.

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