Stop Asian Hate: Amanda

“Rather than fearing for myself, I fear for my parents and grandparents. I tell myself, ‘Don’t worry, it won’t happen in Edmonton’, but our neighbour Vancouver has had the highest increase of Asian hate in North America. I tell myself it won’t happen to my family, but what if it happens to another family? 

I want people who benefit from Asian culture to speak up. So many people benefit from Asian culture: yoga, Asian art supplies, eating Asian cuisine, anime & manga, K-Pop, the list goes on. There is nothing wrong with enjoying another culture but we need to care about the real people who are part of these cultures. Support local Asian businesses as a way to let us know we matter and we are heard.

我曾告诉自己,“别担心,種族歧视不会发生在埃德蒙顿的”,但我们的邻省温哥华在北美的亚洲仇恨卻增长最快。 我又告诉自己,“这不会发生在我的家人身上”,但若果发生在另一个家庭呢?

亚洲文化中有很多值得引以為傲的東西,如瑜伽、艺术品、亚洲美食、动漫和漫画、K-Pop等 不胜枚举。 享受另一种文化并没有错,但也要珍惜文化背後的民族。 支持当地的亚洲企业,让社會认识到亚裔文化的重要性,從而为亚裔们發声讲话。” — Amanda

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