Stop Asian Hate: Janette

“Anti-Asian Racism is extremely normalized in society. For a long time it has been hidden and cloaked, very subtle, but still harmful because of the model minority myth. This portrayal and perception that all Asians are successful, wealthy, heardworking, submissive, docile, polite, and law-abiding citizens minimizes the role racism plays in the diversity of struggles  Asian-Canadians face. For example, Asian students in school are less likely to receive help and support from teachers as there is this expectation and stereotype that Asians are high achievers academically. So what happens when you do not fit into this myth? It becomes extremely difficult to find a place to belong. And it’s complicated navigating through what is essentially a chronic identity crisis. 

It’s no longer good enough to be “not racist.” We need to actively work together to resist and dismantle systemic racism. 

Anti-racist is a verb. It’s about the deliberate actions we take to critically analyze and challenge our own biases. It’s about holding ourselves accountable for not only what we say or do, but what we don’t say and don’t do. We have to really ask ourselves if we are part of the problem, or the solution. Because apathy and silence speaks volumes about our attitudes towards racism. For me, to be part of the solution is to work and continually work on being anti-racist.

To have difficult conversations, to continually educate myself and hold myself accountable for my words, for my actions, what I do, what I say, what I don’t do and what I don’t say. 

模范少数族裔”的概念总把亚裔群体和成功放在一起,这样“统一化”的亚裔形象,使得反亚裔种族歧视,无形中潛而默化的使不符合这一形象的亚裔带来很多困难,亦可能會使他门长期陷入对自己身份的認可。面对种族歧视而不予以实在的行动是意味着冷漠和沉默的認可及助长。因此否定种族歧视的存在是不足以对抗种族歧视的,我们需要积极地抵制种族主义,主动地进行思考和质疑歧视的偏见,清楚自己面对种族主义的角色,为我们的一举一动承担责任。” — Janette

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