Stop Asian Hate: Ida

“I have seen on the news where the rate of hate crime has increased significantly. I’ve seen videos on the Internet where Asian elderly were being pushed onto the road—just because of their race. That is disturbing and unsettling to watch. It truly makes me reflect on, ‘What if that individual was our friends, families, people that we loved and care about’ and that is a very unsettling thought. But we should be able to live our daily lives without fear. 

We want to promote a world for our future generations where they don’t have to live in fear—where they can be proud of their race since we’re such a diverse nation. So it’s time for us to stand up for ourselves and our Asian community and do what’s right and fair by including all cultures and groups and not exclude anyone from it.

面对日益加剧的反亚裔仇恨,我每每想到受害者都有可能是我的家人朋友,想到此就会感到十分不安。是时候要维护自己以及整个亚裔群体的权利。鼓励世界要互相包容,才能让我们及下一代为自己的种族而感到自豪,而不是带着恐惧去生活。” — Ida

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