Stop Asian Hate: Thomas

“I’ve never really been able to articulate how I’ve felt these past several months, not because the incidents are new and novel, but because this is the reality of my life.

Living with racism was expected and normal. As a visible minority, growing up in Westlock, St. Albert, and now Edmonton, racism is everywhere. Whether it was being picked last during gym class or being mocked for what you ate, racists made you feel less than. This feeling would pervade me when watching TV or movies and not seeing anyone like me—like I didn’t matter. The increase in Anti-Asian violence has been heartbreaking, particularly when I hear my parents talking about it and being affected by it.

All my life, I “accepted” racism because I knew I could handle it, but it’s affected me more so now that it’s affecting the loved ones in my life. The truth is, none of us should be accepting this. We deserve respect, recognition, and understanding. I support anti-racism efforts because I want my parents to live without fear of walking in public and an equal opportunity for my Asian peers and me. It starts with a conversation and an understanding of our position. Listen to us, and continue to have these conversations.

作为生活在阿尔伯塔的少数族裔,亚裔仇恨是真实地曾发生在我的生活里,更让我被迫地認為这是正常的待遇。种族歧視主义无处不在,常常让我感到自己不如他人,也让我觉得自己是无关重要的。日益增长的反亚裔暴力行为让我感到心碎,尤其是当我得知我的父母也受到影响。种族歧視任何人都不是正確的对待方式,而對待所有人都应是公平、尊重、认可、和理解。我希望大家能聆听亚裔群体的声音,能理解我们的处境,能保持健康和偕的交流及沟通。” — Thomas

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