Stop Asian Hate: Jessica

“Anti-Asian Hate runs very deep and Canada has a long history of racism and exclusion. In British Columbia, politicians denied all Asians the right to vote, and some laws made sure Asian Canadians wouldn’t be hired for anything but lowly jobs or farm labour and were paid less than Caucasians.

To this day, Asians in Canada still feel unwelcome in a country that is very much theirs. It’s not just microaggressions or racist jokes anymore, people are using full-on, hateful violence, and people are dying.

The horrific crimes we see on the news are just a part of it. Experts mentioned that these incidents are underreported. And that’s in part due to cultural barriers. Our people are used to dealing with it, keeping quiet and not showing that we’re affected. Some of our loved ones may feel like they won’t be understood or taken seriously because English isn’t their 1st language.

It’s up to us to speak up for them. We have to recognize that we are privileged to have a voice thanks to their sacrifice and resilience. And we owe it to future generations to denounce hate whenever we see it.

We can’t let this #StopAsianHate movement just be a trend; even if it dies off, Asian hate will be a reality.

在加拿大,歧视和排斥亚裔的现象由来已久,並且已渗透到生活的各方面了,新闻上报道的歧视事件只是冰山一角。语言和文化上的障碍所产生的不被理解和尊重,而导致亚裔群体在面对歧视时选择了沉默和理所当然的去接受,錯误地認為不会受到影响。亚裔以为忍气吞声地接受谴责和歧视,才能为下一代建造一个和谐的成長环境,这样的想法應有所保留。停止仇恨亚裔不能只是个短暂的時興运动,而應是一個长遠的務实行動,才能收到实际的效果。” — Jessica

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