Meet Lorraine

“I would say Chinese Canadian itself is a culture. I not only practice Chinese traditions but also celebrate Canadian culture. When I first moved to Canada from Hong Kong, I was trying so hard to learn everything about Canada, from the food to the national anthem. But I later realized forcefully accepting everything “Canadian” was not all I wanted. I can be honest with myself that I like having Chinese food while watching hockey at the same time! Food culture definitely is my favourite, and I love both soup dumplings and Costco’s poutine! Canadian culture is multicultural, open and inclusive. Therefore, I no longer hesitate to practice my hometown culture in Canada.

Lorraine wearing her graduation cap and gown. 2020

我會說加拿大華人本身就是一種文化。我不僅跟随中國傳統,而且擁抱加拿大文化。當我從香港移居加拿大時,我非常努力地學習有關加拿大的所有知識,包括食物以至國歌。但是後來我意識到,強行接受“加拿大文化”並不全是我想要的。老實說,我喜歡邊看冰球比赛邊吃中餐!飲食文化絕對是我的最愛,我不僅喜歡小籠包,還喜愛Costco的奶酪酱汁薯条!加拿大文化是多元、開放和包容的。因此,我不再会猶豫在加拿大傳承自己的故鄉文化。” —Lorraine

All photos provided by Lorraine.

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